About Us

My interest in astronomy goes back to early childhood.

I lived in an area where there was very little light pollution, and when I received a telescope on my 9th Christmas, I spent hour after hour hunting around the skies hoping I’d be the first to find something that had not yet been discovered by anyone else.

I stumbled across this site in my old bookmarks and found it was no longer in use. It had been such a great resource in a long while back I thought I’d like to bring it back online, and build it into something new.

Obviously there are a lot of newer sites which go further into the science of Hubble, but this site will remain up for those who want to want to learn who Edwin Hubble was, and the difference he made to all of our understandings.

These days, I don’t get much time for astronomy, although I’m hoping to reignite it as I build out this site further. I currently run a marketing company in Cheshire called Forward SEO.